The Composting Process

On delivery to the site all green material is sifted through to remove all contaminates. It is then shredded to reduce the particle size which speeds up the breaking down process.

The shredded material is formed into a windrow and given a batch number to ensure traceability. We then monitor the temperature and moisture levels and turn the windrow weekly to introduce oxygen. Temperatures can exceed 80o although 65oc is adequate to sanitise the compost, killing off any weed seeds and pathogens.

After 8 weeks of monitoring and turning the windrow is stockpiled for a further 2 weeks to allow it to stabilise further prior to screening. Screening removes any larger particles of wood or other contaminates that may have been missed during the initial sifting.

Compost is screened for use in agriculture. Once we are PAS 100 certified our finest product will be available for domestic use in bags or delivered in bulk.

How it's made